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Campus Facility

The environment of campus is such that each student feels emancipated rather than constricted into the confines of a classroom. Excellence is thus something that comes naturally to our students. Where everyone-parent,educator,student,nutritionist,health expert & counselor, are invited to participate in creating a wonderful community.

Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT)

The curriculum combines the approach of interdisciplinary study and learning-by-doing method with the theory of multiple intelligence. This Multiple intelligence theory furthers the recognition of our participatory philosophy. It reminds us that person contributes uniquely,that we must allow for more than one correct answer, for more ways to learn other than the pure verbal-linguistic or logic-mathematical. In accordance with the application of MI theory, our teachers try to encourage a variety of ways for learning - kinesthetic, musical, visual-spatial, interpersonal and intra personal. Then they use these different ways to create an acceptance of difference.